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My partner has savings
« on: Jul 13, 2019, 12:44:35 PM »
I went bankrupt earlier this year.

I have recently submitted the financial questionnaires to the Insolvency Service.  My partner worked for my business so has lost her income although does not have any personal debts save the mortgage.

I have another job but at a far lower salary and at present there is a significant gap between household income and expenditure which the IS has queried.  My partner got bits and pieces of money over the last few months from different sources including some redundancy but not a regular wage.

She owns the house which is fine.  She also has a small amount of savings and has been dipping into this to make ends meet and it has gone down a lot quite quickly.

My question is that when working out whether to impose an income payment agreement if the IS will take into account her savings when calculating her share of the household income or whether they literally just look at income coming into the household; i.e. wages?

Thanks in advance for any tips