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-900 in overdraft
« on: Jul 01, 2019, 09:56:32 PM »
I am currently -900 in my overdraft. Up until in started my new job I was never in my overdraft, and if I was it wasn't a large amount so could pay I off with relative ease. When I started my new job, my payday was different. Because of this my outgoings were set up differently and to come out on the 15-18th of each month, as I got paid on the 15th of each month, now I get paid at the end of each month. Because of this my outgoings went out before I was paid, putting me about -600 in my overdraft. I've never been able to recover and have gone into it a further £300 with other unexpected expenses. I'm now -900 and I have about £400 saved in my ISA but that's for my holiday in august which I'm looking to take about 800-900 pounds of spending money, which is going to put me into my overdraft further. I don't really want to call it off as I have already spent £400 on the flights and accommodation. I just feel trapped now and don't know how to pay off £900 with all my outgoings added on top as well. I earn about 1,300 a month and I'm hoping for a pay rise soon, but I just cant seem to save money and I'm constantly going over my overdraft limit and my ISA money is dwindling fast (it 600 2 weeks ago). What is the best course of action to resolve this? A few months of extremely tight budget? A second job at night? I was considering doing food delivery at night as well as my trainee electrician job during the day.

I just want to not constantly worry about my spending, every penny I spent causes me to overthink and worry. It really getting me down. Any help would be appreciated!


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