Author Topic: Can my debts be written off after 6 years if ive been making token payments  (Read 12836 times)


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Hi, i have been making token payments to my debts of which i have 8 of them ranging from £396 to £5522 for credit cards . Most are defaults and i have 2 ccj's and i am blacklisted, and these came about after being unemployed for a short time, but i have been in full employment for years now. Not all of the debts show up on Equifax. I have been paying £1.00 a month for years on the advice from a few debt agencies. I don't know how many years i have been paying £1.00 a month, but some are 5-6 years or more. Every now and then they ask for incomings and outgoings and i end up still paying £1.00 a month. Most of the debts end up moving companies quite often, they get sold to other companies who take over the debt. My credit score with Clear Score is 280. I do not want to have an iva to pay them off.
Can any of the debts be wiped out after 6 years.

Thanks for reading this.


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by considering a good credit score to be anywhere between 881 and 960, with fair or average between 721 and 880. Try to get the details of your re-payed amount & close your debts smoothly. All the best.