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Being chased for a surprise utility bill
« on: Jan 07, 2018, 07:46:43 PM »
Hi all,

I was hoping someone here might be able to offer some advice over a bill dispute with Spark Energy.

In the summer of 2016 my landlord put their flat that I was living in up for sale. They found a buyer and started proceedings to sell the property and I was handed my notice. The sale fell through and I was happy to stay until a new buyer was found.

I've since left the property and was amazed today to receive a call from Spark Energy chasing 1 year's worth of electricity bills for the old flat. They've advised that when the property was put up for sale originally the letting agent moved my electricity to Spark, I was previously with First Utility who were also substantially cheaper. Up until now I was of the belief that my direct debits had gone out as normal and all utilities had been paid.

I've spoken with the agent and they've said that they had to switch the electricity so they were aware who the utilities were with in the interim while the flat was empty, as stated in the housing act, but again the sale fell through so I shuldn't have been moved to a different supplier whilst in situ.

I've explained that I was incorrectly moved to Spark and didn't wish for this to happen and as a "goodwill gesture" they've deducted the "late payment fees" on the balance, reducing it to £500. First Utility would have cost £360 for the year.

I'm a little stuck and not sure what my rights are with regard to clearing the amount - do I pay the £500, do I offer £360 as that's what I would have paid with First Utility, do I refuse to pay it at all?

All and any advise would be greatly appreciated.



Lisa Thomas

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Re: Being chased for a surprise utility bill
« Reply #1 on: Jan 08, 2018, 11:24:48 AM »
This is more a question for a solicitor but I would think if the agents have signed the energy agreement I would think this is their liability albeit they may have the right to recharge you depending on the terms of your lease.

What was in your tenancy agreement about utilities and responsibility?

When you were with the previous provider was the utility contract in your name, your landlords or the agents?

Do you agree that you didn't pay for utilities for the last year and do actually owe somebody something? 01752 786800