Author Topic: Can I choose bankruptcy, or is it only allowed in a crisis?  (Read 13533 times)


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Basically that's my question. If I have stable finances and can make my minimum payments, but I don't believe I will ever manage more than that, is it okay to quit my dead-end job and choose bankruptcy?

I owe £12000 on an overdraft and four credit cards. My life is very stable at the moment, everything just keeps going month to month, and depending on what food I buy and if I ever go to the pub, I have about £40 spare each month. My job is dead end shift work in a call centre, and the only good thing about it is I can cycle there for free. It isn't improving my skills, and even if I got a better job somewhere else, the commuting costs would be unaffordable. I have been doing this for 18 months, and it feels like a life sentence.

My debt just came from living, over a couple of years when I didn't have a stable job. Not jetsetting or gambling, but not a divorce or a chronic illness either. If that affects anyone's moral view of my stupid mess.

I rent a small room, have no assets apart from ordinary household stuff that would fit in a few boxes, no dependents, and my job is a waste of time. What I'm daydreaming of now is to take a backpack and start hitchiking for Dover, just to see what I can find. I know someone who is doing a year's charity work in Austria, with food and board provided, which sounds like a brilliant new start.

Can I just resign from the job and give up paying? If I did, would anyone stop me leaving the country?