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« on: Jul 20, 2015, 07:04:34 PM »
Hi I need some advise please.
I currently owe over £15k I've been on a debt management plan through Step Change on & off that I have been unable to stick to for one thing & another over the last couple of years.
I live with my fiancé in a house that he has a mortgage on I have no assets in my name. I use his car to get to work so I pay for everything to do with the car.
I take home about £1300 a month my contributions to the household bills is £600 & after completing a budget I have a surplus of about £130 a month.
I know that they will want me to use this to pay off debts but i really want to start a family as I'm 33 in a loving relationship & all of the debt is mine & feel like this is stopping us.
I have managed to save about £700 to pay for the court fees but will they just turn around & make me pay anyway & I will have to pay the court fees anyway?