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bankruptcy help
« on: Jul 20, 2012, 10:28:44 AM »
morning people
i am in a right pickle heres my story.
I am on long term sickness and registered disable with my health.
I receive DLA AND Incapacity benefit. I also receive little money from my work insurance.
Right here goes
I am in IVA for 28k and been paying 400 per month for 13 months. i was unable to include other debs in the iva. I honestly believe i was miss sold the iva as all my benefits were taken into account.
i owe my family 13k after my divorce.  I am meant to start to paying them 300 X 45 months. there is no way i can pay.
I did mention to my family I am thinking of bankruptcy my family were not happy at all saying they will loose all there money. my dad said my rent will go up by 150 so they at least get some money back.

what i need to know is how do benefits play a part bankruptcy?
i have no assets no house no savings  ( i have a tv and laptop to my name)  my car is mobility car.
thanks for all your help


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