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Re: Negative Equity
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Indeed that is correct but let us not forget the alternative of IVA & bankruptcy. Would someone want:

 - To lose their credit rating for then next 6 years
 - Lose all equity they had piotential build up over the years
 - Go through turomoil and emotional upset with the whole process

or would people want

 - A convenient way to walk away front he situation
 - Money in their pockets to rent their next property
 - Credit rating in tact

Rather than answers coming from us suppliers I would be interested to hear what people in the situation has to say after all "voice of the customer" means so much more.

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Re: Negative Equity
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I certainly agree that an IVA or indeed bankruptcy are only suitable in very particular situations Simon. As always getting information about all the pros and cons of each solution and applying these to the specific situation is key before making a decision.
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