Author Topic: credit card over limit not getting anywhere with minimum payment :(  (Read 946 times)


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i need some serious help :( i just dont know what do !! i have a credit card that had a limit of £7000 - i had a letter from the company saying that my credit limit was being increased to £8000 - we had just had a baby and so bought a few vital bits - when i got my next credit card statement the limit hadnt increased - apparently this was becase in the "small print" it said that the increase in the limit could take up to 40 days - i thought it was pretty much instant meaning that i went over the limit which in turn meant that the limit would now not happen.
So now i am £660 over the limit and being charged £12 a month - the interest is £140 a month - and im also paying approx £60 a month in repayment cover?
I just dont know what to do next - im paying £225 a month off which is ultimatly paying off £20 of the debt!!!
Has anyone got any suggestions of who to ring or what to do next?
Many Thanks :)

James Falla

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Hi there kimberleena
Is this credit card your only debt or do you have other debts you are trying to pay as well? Unfortunately when you are in a situation where you are struggling to repay debt you do not have many options. The first thing I suggest is that you ring the credit card company and explain the problem. See if they will help you by reducing their interest charges for a while so you can get the debt back under control.
If the card company simply will not help, then I suggest you consider a debt management solution such as a debt management plan or perhaps even a debt relief order. If you need more information or advise, please do not hesitate to ask.
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