Author Topic: Typical - I got a DRO in September, now been offered 2 full time jobs! HELP!!!!!  (Read 936 times)


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I seperated from my wife last year after accruing 11 years of marriage and £9K of debt. Somehow, all the debts ended up in my name and all the benefit in hers, so, because of certain situations, she decided that I should shoulder all of the debts.

I now live with somebody else, who works part time, owns her own home and whose money was included in the DRO assessment.

The DRO was granted and started in September.

I am now in the position of being offered 2 full time jobs and my partner has had an increase in her hours too.

My question is this: should I be looking for a job, cancel the DRO and restart the debts (which would be about half my wages (rough estimate)), carry on without a job and do I need to notify the DRO office about my partner's income increase?

I know that, if you can justify reasonable expenses, the DRO won't be affected, but you can't really justify half your wages, surely!?

Any advice will be greatly welcomed. Thanks.

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Hi there
The first thing to say is if your partner receives an increase in her income then there is no need to inform the official receiver. This is her affair and nothing to do with your situation. However if your circumstances change and you start to earn money personally then you must certainly inform the receiver.
This situation could serously affect the validity of your DRO but this will depend on whether after getting a job, your personal disposable income is greater than £50 a month. After taking into account all of your reasonable living expenses and your share of the household bills, if your DI is still greater than £50 then your DRO will fail and you will return to being responsible for your debts.
This does not mean that you have to start paying the origional minimum payments again. It just means that you still owe the debt and will need to resolve it. You might decide to start a debt management plan or if you prefer by declaring youself bankrupt. Bankruptcy is pretty much the same as a DRO so this might well be a sensible option.
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