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« on: Oct 08, 2011, 09:54:10 PM »
Could anybody please tell me if "Tust online " the website that apparently lets you see if any ccjs are held against you, can be trusted. :-\ (excuse the pun)

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Re: trust
« Reply #1 on: Oct 11, 2011, 06:34:16 PM »
Hi Sillyboy
I have never used this site. However I see that they charge a fee of up to £10 to do a search on yourself. I would question why you would pay that when you can get a copy of your credit file from Equifax, Experian or Callcredit for the statutory fee of £2 and this is likely to be the most up to date and accurate. To be sure of the information you are getting I would always use one of these three as they are the definitive and will show all CCJs or other court orders. In fact back in June Callcredit said that they are about to launch a service where you can get a copy of your credit file for free but this seems to have gone a bit quiet.....
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