Author Topic: vodafone debt passed onto fpc- help/ advice requested  (Read 1603 times)


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vodafone debt passed onto fpc- help/ advice requested
« on: Oct 01, 2011, 07:28:04 PM »
hi - any help appreciated with this tiny problem which vodafone have ignored and turned into a molehill
i had been a vodafone user for several years on a monthly sim only contact at 20pd per month and around march 2011 this year decided to try and use a smatphone for the first time- vodafone sent an htc model out but i was unable to use the touchscreen and cancelled this agreement within the allotted 7 days and sent the model back and began using my old samsung again- a few months later i noticed that my bills were higher and after approx 15 emails from varying people at vodafone they stated that i now had a new one year contract which was taken out at the time of me trialing the smartphone- at no time did i agree verbally or in writing to such a deal as i had an existing 20pd per month sim only deal.
i have sent countless emails to vodafone requestring proof of such a contract having been agreed, details of my account and bills sent to me and details of an account number- vodafone ignored any of the requests- naturally i have copies of all my emails sent to vodafone.
i then informed vodafone that i was changing phone provider due to lack of customer service in trying to resolve my problem and recieved my pac code and moved over to 3 keeping my existing number.
last month i recieved a letter from vodafone requesting payment for the remainder of my new contract , which according to them , i had agreed to, but according to me i never had, and despite requests vodafone never contacted me to show proof verbally or in writing of this contract change. i think the amount they are seeking is in the region of 120pd.
this week i have now been recieving text messages to urgently contact fpc regarding my account.
a search on the internet showed that fpc are a debt company who deal with vodafone.
what do i do regarding this farcical situation.
should i go to citizens advice ( i stay in scotland)
i have never verbally or made written agreement to any new contact- i trialed a smartphone for less than 7 days and returned this and cancelled this contract as per vodafone regs.
vodafone have created a debt that does not exist as far as im concerned- right up to leaving vodafone i paid my useage in full- so the debt does not refer to calls made- it is the total dubiety of vodafone saying i took out a new contract and their refusal to answer my emails and enquiries.
any one else having similar current problems?

James Falla

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Re: vodafone debt passed onto fpc- help/ advice requested
« Reply #1 on: Oct 05, 2011, 05:01:11 PM »
Hi bigd
Given that you believe that you do not owe this money and never agreed ot sign up to a new contract and vodafone are clearly ignoring you, I think it is time to raise your complaint with the financial ombudsman. I suggest that you also make an appointment with the CAB ot get their help but I thing ultimately the ombudsman is the best place to go.
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