Author Topic: ccj and it isnt my debt! PLEASE HELP  (Read 723 times)


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ccj and it isnt my debt! PLEASE HELP
« on: Sep 08, 2011, 04:34:50 PM »
Ive never done anyhting like this before and right now I feel I have no other option as there doesnt seem to be anyone that wants and can help!
Back in 2004 my ex partner asked his siter to get him a tv on her cataloge for him (as he couldnt). That was the last i new about it until a few years later a letter came through post in my name (spelt incorrectly first name and surname) about the remaining 350 pounds for this tv! I asked my ex and his sister about it and his sister told me the cataloge wouldnt do it in his name so she put mine! Great i said! Thats fraud it shouldnt be in my name! I told the cataloge company the exact situation.
Thinking the matter had been dealt with we split and I left his property in 2008. Didnt see the need to re direct mail as I didnt have any bills in my name there just a few things like bank and licence i changed to my new address.
The debt recovery place have written to me today at my new address saying that they have my new address off experian and the debt is now a ccj and want payment in full!
So after speaking with the lady who didnt seem to believe my story and basically said its a civil dispute/personal agrrement it will be hard to get out of your name you need to write to us then someone needs to accept responsibilty for debt, i told her it won;t be me and that I would email her the facts straight away! It was my exes mortgage/house all bills were in his name and I never worked i looked after the children and did his accounts, i would never have commited my self to buying something, ever! And i would have certainly gave the correctly spelt name if I did also!
I spoke with my exes sister straight after. She says her brother just stopped paying her as he couldnt afford no more (he went bankrupt end of 2008/early 2009. Payments for the tv were always made by her cheques or her bank card when he gave her cash. And that even the insurance was in his name for the tv! She is currently looking for the insurance document as she still thinks she may have it for me to show these people!
So not only do i have this ccj for my exes tv, they never spelt my name correctly, i never paid one installment for it,someone else did, and the tv was in his name for the insurance. So dont you think my story does add up!??
Ive emailed them explaining this but would greatly appreciate some more advice or anything! I would like to sue the buggers for putting me through such nonsense and damaging my credit score!
If they take me to court they wouldnt have a leg to stand on surely?! And why, I asked them today on the phone, has it took them all this time to 'find' me here at my new address. It seems a scam and just someone to pin point the debt on! I thought this had been sorted years ago seeing as I told them I was the one being frauded!
Could someone please help! Thank you in advance!
Karina xx

James Falla

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Re: ccj and it isnt my debt! PLEASE HELP
« Reply #1 on: Sep 12, 2011, 01:14:23 PM »
Hi Karina
From what you have said this debt has been put in your name fraudulently. I would speak to the current owner of the debt and tell them that if they do not amend their records and withdraw the CCJ against you then you will raise the issue with the banking ombudsman. These is where you should raise your complaint if you get no further with the debt owner.
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