Author Topic: I felt like i had the winning lottery then lost the ticket  (Read 1207 times)

suzie 4

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Horray I thought we had got a way out of our huge debt problems,we went to the Building Society our house is paid for in 5 yrs they were going to lend us all the money we wanted to clear our debts low repayments a dream come true after so many years of worry,no more winter of no heating i would get a new boiler.The dream lasted 5min my husbands credit rating said he was bankrupt,no one told us,Capital one had sold his debt and the company has given him a bad credit rating,we got in touch and asked them if they would remove the information they had given Experian they refused,we said we would pay them everything we owe them,they said no and even when we have paid them back it would be in the system for 6yrs is this true? i cant take any more. :(

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Re: I felt like i had the winning lottery then lost the ticket
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Hi suzie 4. I would be very surprised if your husband had been made bankrupt and did not know about it. It would be highly unusual for any creditor other then the inland revenue to actually go through this process. If I were you I would check the insolvency register on line and the Stubbs Gazette on line. If you cannot find any record of your husband's bankruptcy then the chances are that this did not happen. However i you both have debts that you are struggling to pay then it is highly likely that you both have default notices on your credit file and that is why you have been refused a mortgage.
Can you give us a bit more information about your situation. Ie how much do you owe (amounts and who you owe money to) and whether ther is any equity in your home. I am then sure we will be able to advise you further.
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