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debts due to gambling
« on: Apr 10, 2011, 05:52:49 PM »
over several years of gambling i have over 70k of unsecured debts, which i have been repaying through a DMP, and making little inroads. i am now unemployed and considering bankruptcy. i have no assets. although i gambled over 7 years ago and my experian report shows no creditors or defaults
1- what will happen if i go bankrupt?
2-because it was over 7 years will the official reciever find evidence ?
3-because it was over 7 years will the official reciever still regard it as a gambling debt?
4-do you have to inform utility companies, phone gas elec etc

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Re: debts due to gambling
« Reply #1 on: Apr 13, 2011, 12:29:06 PM »
Hi there indeepend
Gambling is not a crime. As such, even if your debts are due to gambling, you can still declare yourself bankrupt without an issue. There is sometimes discussion about whether the official receiver will extend the period of your bankruptcy because you have gambled in the past. However, I have never come across this particularly if the gambling stopped a long time ago.
I you do go own the bankruptcy route and you intend to stay in the same accommodation, you do not need to inform utility companies. However, if you are renting privately you should consider telling your landlord in advance so that they are not worried when they are contacted by the OR.
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