Author Topic: tricky one from newby.....  (Read 1207 times)


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tricky one from newby.....
« on: Aug 03, 2010, 06:36:12 PM »
hi guys,
new here as of today... i have seen a few helpful threads but i really need some answers if poss
Last october i entered myself into a dmp with d.f.h (debtfreehelpline) NEVER AGAIN!!!!! :-[
my biggest debt by far was a £10,000 car finance with park motor finance,
i was adviced by the phone operater (surposidly an ex financial advisor) that i had 2 options...
1. give the car back and they would organise the remaining balance to be paid via my dmp
2. sell the car, keep the money i got for it to get another car (as i have to have one for work) and the full
    £10,000 would be paid by my dmp.
now...litlle did i know the 2nd option is not just wrong its illeagle!!!!!! :o
this dispute has been going on for a while now and park motor finance have charged me nearly £3000 worth of late payment fees, overdue payments >:( >:( >:( etc etc etc
now the debt collectors have been at my previous address looking for the car!
i have asked for a print out from d.f.h asap of the numerous conversations i have had with them about this and intend on taking it further.
what i need to know is...what do i do to take this further?? what can dfh do to help me?? and will i be in trouble with the law if this goes to court??
sorry that was very long winded guys just tried to be as accurate as possible
thanks in advance  :)


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Re: tricky one from newby.....
« Reply #1 on: Aug 06, 2010, 10:27:17 AM »
Hi  Bally,
Sorry to hear of your experience so far with DFH.
A couple of points:
1. You can leave your dmp at anytime as this is an informal arrangement that does not tie you in for any length of time, Simply stop paying them.
2.You are entitled to a copy of all information stored by DFH and any call transcripts by completing a subject data access request.(Hopefully this will highlight the poor information given)
Maybe worth speaking to an other financial solutions company and going through everything in detail. There is nothing stopping you calling a few and having a chat without committing to a new debt management plan or paying for any services.
Hope this helps in some way
Ashley Park Debt Solutions Ltd

Re: tricky one from newby.....
« Reply #2 on: Oct 08, 2010, 12:27:52 PM »
As a Debt management company they are not allowed to take on any secured borrowing! how was the car HP added into the plan and under what circumstances. Properly trained advisors would have been able to recognize this and avert your current situation.
Follow the companies complaints procedure: ask why they did not pick up on the secured borrowing? which they should be trained to spot and advise approriately.
also ask why you were being advised to hand the car back?
If you are still not happy with the resolution then you are intitalled to approach the financial ombusman.
Sounds like they may have dropped a clanger by including HP into your plan and by time it was realised it was to late.
However if you didnt declare it as hp when they asked "if you had any secured loans" then that responcability falls on your self.
Like I say though there staff should be trained to spot and identify, to stop this kind of thing happening.
South West Debt Solutions.