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desperate dan

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lloyds get your inhouse in order
« on: Jul 20, 2010, 02:19:05 PM »
hi all
after setting up a d.i.y dmp several months ago and having letters of confirmation back from my creditors, i received a letter from scm solicitors re lloyds c/c last week claiming despite several reminders that if i don't pay my c/c bill within 14 days court proceedings MAY be instigated against me without further reference ? then the rest of the letter is cut up c.c card etc etc if you can't or struggling to pay phone this number blah blah, so i rang the number on the letter as instructed guess what put my c/c number into the phone and the lovely computer lady tells me my account is not under collection control and to ring back lloyds tsb. so i ring the other number on the letter if i wish to discuss the payment arrangement guess what the nunber on the letter after taking 45 mins to get through is a travel claims insurance company which is nothing to do with lloyds tsb or scm solicitors and the guy who picked up the phone call was just as baffled as i was. what sort of organastion are lloyds turning out to be, i really hope they do take me to court

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Re: lloyds get your inhouse in order
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That sounds frustrating beyond belief Desperate Dan. Unfortunately even after confirming they will accept DMP payments, any of your creditors are still at liberty to start collection procedures against you at any time. This includes passing your account to a collecting agent who will then want to go all round the houses once again to agree the payment plan afresh with you. The problem is a DMP is not legally binding on any party. An IVA might help in this regard as it is a legally binding agreement
I am surprised that you heard from "SMC Solicitors". Normally Lloyds would use BLS collections who are pretty good in my experiance.
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