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CapQuest now H L Legal
« on: Jul 15, 2010, 05:21:47 PM »
Advice mostly appreciated
Received letter from CapQuest informing me that the debt had been sold to them. It said I had until 12th july to contact them. I responded on the day I had the letter 1st july. I forwarded my Financial satement along with an offer of payment. Previous creditor has already provided me with a valid cca. I have not yet had anything in writing from them as to whether or not the offer has been accepted or declined only by informing me over the phone. It was declined for reason unknown. I then received a letter dated 9th july from H L Legal stating they are acting on behalf of CapQuest due to me not reponding to a letter dated 28th july. the actual date of the letter was 29th July and responded 1st july.I have set up a standing order and payments have started for the amount on offer. They are threatening court action surley H L Legal are jumping the gun with their timings. Not given me chance to act on things when CapQuest haven't even bothered to respond to my letter re offer. What should I do now. The cost of the calls are near enough a few months payments worth. Another thing CapQuest have said they are telephone based debt recovery company and rarely send out letters. Yet they sent out one asking for me to contact them.

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Re: CapQuest now H L Legal
« Reply #1 on: Jul 16, 2010, 11:55:38 AM »
Hello Happyhappy10
Unfortunately what you are experiencing is absolutely normal behaviour if a debt is sold on by the origional creditor. If you had a payment plan in place with the original creditor, this will be ignored by CapQuest.They go straight for the bully boy tactics because they want to chance their arm with you and see if they can put you under pressure and perhaps get you to offer a settlement.
I suggest that you write to HL Legal inclosing a copy of your financial statment and offer of payment. You should start to make your payments to Cap Quest asap whether they have accepted the offer or not.
By the way, if you could come up with a lum sum settlement offer, thsi would be an ideal time. Cap Quest have probably bought the debt for 10 pence in the pound so if you offer 20 pence, they will make 100% profit immediately and everyone will be happy.
Are you a home owner? If you you need to watch that Cap Quest do not apply for a county court judgement against you. If they do this and you can not pay it, it could then allow them to apply for a charging order.
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