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Bankruptcy & DLA question!
« on: Jul 07, 2010, 04:27:58 PM »
I'm just wondering if anyone knows if there is any extra allowance made when working out expenditure and left over disposable income if Disability Living Allowance is being received? 
The reason I ask is that at present I am reliant soley on benefits to support myself and the kids (income support, tax credits, child benefit and carers allowance) with a very small amount in child maintenance.  On top of this I receive around £300 a month in Disabilty Living Allowance for one of the kids, which we have got since the child was around 8.  There is extra included in the tax credits for a disability element also.  After working out expenditure, there seems to be £350 a month surplus, which is basically just the DLA!  (I can't even see how there is £350, but that is using the links other people have posted for budgets). I am thinking that surely I am getting the minimum required amount to live on being on income support, plus extra for the disabilty element, but if the disability money all has to go to paying the creditors then the disabilty is as if it doesn't matter, if that makes any sense? 
Now we could probably manage without it, as I don't have to buy specialist equipment for the condition as such, but as my child is entitled to it for a reason, I would have thought it would be allowed to be left, to help with the disability?  The other option I have would be to get the disabilty money put into my child's account, as it is technically their money?  The child recently turned 16, and was given the option to manage their own affairs but chose not to accept the responsibility (and I was concerned about that amount of money per month being wasted, as it is needed in the family budget!!!)  Can anyone advise as to what they think?  Many thanks in advance for any replies. :D

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Re: Bankruptcy & DLA question!
« Reply #1 on: Jul 08, 2010, 03:23:19 PM »
Hi Eden6
If your total income is made up entirely of benefits, then your disposable income should be around £0.
If you feel comfortable to do so, please post the expenditure list you have come up with and I can review it for you to see if you have missed anything or are light on anything.
Even if your disposable income on paper is greater than zero, I would not worry. If you declare yourself bankrupt no official receiver will ask you to make payments if your income is only made up of benefits :)
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