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Can someone please help me!
« on: Jan 28, 2010, 02:10:45 PM »
I am 23 and owe about £7500. Council Tax, Loans, Catalogues etc. I currently am currently under a debt management company however I have missed a couple of payments due to Christmas and overindulging my little boy. I received a letter from a bailiff hand delivered and this has really shook me up. I was looking into a DRO but am not sure if I would qualify due to me being with a debt management company. I'm that skint that my Mum still takes me food shopping!
I have tried contacting my local CAB who are open two days a week and they are trying to arrange for a debt advisor to speak to me. It really gets me down and every so often I do get my self upset. I have nothing of value for them to take only things that belong to my little boy Wii, Remote Control Cars, DS things like that (none of which I bought him myself!) If it came down to a bailiff taking my things would they take those even if technically they aren't mine?
Could someone help me please

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Re: Can someone please help me!
« Reply #1 on: Mar 05, 2010, 03:33:02 PM »
You are indeed correct that a DRO is right for you.
I understand that one of the limitations of the DRO is that you must have £50 or less of disposable income HOWEVER you have proved that you cannot sustain the DM plan as
1) Your mum helps you to survive with your basic domestic needs
2) You were unable to afford the DM payments.
DM companies OBVIOUSLY have an interest in selling you a profitable solution for them. Therefore they do not include certain expenses that you are legally entitled to claim for such as £30 a month for holiday savings and £20 a month for family gifts.xmas presents.
Therefore in my belief you probably DO have less than £50 DI.
Therefore, either pursue the Citizens Advice buereau, OR go through a different approved intermediary such as (and I recomend them highly) B&E.
Good luck!!! You Will be debt free soon!!!!!
Raphael Gilbert
Raphael Gilbert
Head of Insolvency Divison www.ban