Author Topic: 3G and Lowell - Hamptons - Red DCS debt.  (Read 4238 times)

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3G and Lowell - Hamptons - Red DCS debt.
« on: Jan 14, 2010, 07:32:15 PM »
  • Hello I have a problem with debt collection agency Lowell Portfolio and theyasking me for a debt of 330 original sold by 3G.[font=&quot]On 12th September 2006 I received a cold phone calloffering me a cash back mobile offer from a company called Mobile addict andaccording to my contract with Mobile addict, after six months I will bequalified to redeem my money back (£146) and on 18th September 2006I received the Mobile Package which I still keep it until now at the same timewith a bill from 3G dated on 18th September 2006.[/font]
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    [font=&quot]The cash back offer turned to be fake and Mobilesolution is a scam but 3G was asking to pay 155 termination fees plus 150charges for the rent of the line  [/font]at thattime I wanted to cancel the contract but 3G asked for all that money which isunfair.. Any ideas? How to deal with this situation.

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    Re: 3G and Lowell - Hamptons - Red DCS debt.
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    I seem to be in a very similar situation in 2005/6 - I spoke to a senior manager at the time and was advised that the contract had been terminated as it was misold  -and I sent the phone back - I even has a letter saying this was agreed - I then moved address in 2007 and had not heard anything from 3G so when clearing out prior to the move , I got rid of a lot of old correspondance. I have been in my present address for 2 years and in June 2009 recieved a letter to say that there was an outstanding debt for early closure . I wrote back on the letter itself and advised then to check their data re pervious conversations as I believed there was nothing outstanding as it was missold in the first place - and why [** sorry, no personal contact invitations allowed **] after 3 years. I have recieved letters since then from Lowell Portolio/ Red Dept/ Hampton/Frederick International and latterly Bryan Carter Solicitors all appear to be threatening but with no foundation . I would happierly have my day in court if they beleive they have a case . I have spend most of the day on the internet and have been encourage to see and read that this is very common - lots of similar problems. I have not responded to any of the letters. I stand firmly inthe belief that I owe them nothing - they would need to produce the supportive paperwork if they wished to go into court. My reaserch as actioned me to post a complaint on the watch dog web site - There is lots of advise on the internet and many of these companies are just passing the dept on to others - I would suggest you also research as this will hopefully give you confidence that they are just try to pray on the vunrable and if they really had a case they would be be proceeding to court and letters should have been sent as registered post to make sure you had recieved them - stay strong you like me probabily own then nothing. Also I beleive that the ofcom regulations for phone would mean that they would have to prove that they were providing a service to the number - they can not exspect a payment for a service that is not being used - I will need to investigate this further.