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Help and advice please,
« on: Mar 03, 2008, 04:15:09 PM »
New to this so hope someone can help. I have spoken to someone who recommended this site for advice.

I have like lots of people got into trouble with debt. All non secured, credit cards.
I could be in a position to pay off most, if they offer a favourable redemption figure.
There are a couple of things I have been told and want to confirm if these are correct. Some of my debts have been passed to collection agencies.

When I write to them, I have been told I should ask them to provide several items to me.
1. Original copy of my signed agreement with credit card company.
2. A full breakdown of how the debt is made up; interest and chages etc.
3. A copy of the letter of assignment from the agency, which shows them authority to handle the debt.

Also can I insist that they do not keep phoning me and correspond in writing only ? They phone my old home number.

I am now seperated from my wife. Infact she now owns the house and has total title to it. I have now moved. She knows about my debts, and has seen some of the threatening letters from the collection agencies. She is worried that one day a baliff will be knocking on the door, as the letters say this is what might happen.
I have tried to calm her, but she is very worried.
Any advice would be appreciated.


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Re: Help and advice please,
« Reply #1 on: Apr 17, 2008, 11:41:10 AM »
Hello there tiger,
 I'm really far from expert but after few days surfing the net ... who knows :D :

Whoever advised you to ask for these papers is in the belief that
there is common illegal action from the lender's/debt collector's behalf which
won't be a surprise as these debt collectors are nothing more than
blackmailers and the lenders will give almost anything (like 30% commission)
to get their money back. So now the lender is outsourcing their dirty work
to someone else... what you can do is the same, get a debt management company.
Dealing only by yourself is believed to be ... "outfashioned" LOL, but the thruth
is they too want a piece of the pie. This is the first I stumbled upon but actually there are hundreds of sites out there that
offer you a free callback with advice only to hook you up. You can use that
and ask them on the phone about these papers. What they all offer is
interest freeze and they take the communications from there which means
the lender/collector won't have the right to call you any more or send you
letter or anything. Check out few debt management companies and ask for
what you get and what you will have to pay! Compare and GO!
The longer this is postponed the worse it is getting.

I really don't get this how banks succeed to trick people into getting credit
cards with these ridiculous penalties???? why don't you just get a normal
loan and get a debit card??? this whole thing with the debt collectors
and debt management companies is really ridiculous, it's just another middleman
who gets money which in turn damages the financial balance of both
lender and borrower.More money in the toilet for smartass services.

Don't do Credit Cards :)