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need a advise
« on: Dec 09, 2009, 12:14:09 PM »
 :-[ hi  every anyone give me some advise....i own 3500 puond  credit card and overdraft since 2002 but for a period 2 years i have been paid ,after i lost my job and im on benefit...since 2004 until know i never paid anything becouse im on benefit..i like to pay...all a creditors drivin me mad...i got families problem wife kick me out...and im homeles today..since 2004 im homeles ...sleeping with friends...and a my car...etc look like my life is not worthit any more...any away im tryin to keep my self strong long as i can ..know im dealing with my panik attac since 2005 and many times i go in front a hospitale ..becouse i feeling save...but my prioriti is how can i avoid any baylift to go to my exwife house...and how can i deal with them...i only get 326 pound for month from incapacity benefit......thx