Author Topic: Need help and advice for small <£5000 debt  (Read 2478 times)


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Need help and advice for small <£5000 debt
« on: Jun 08, 2009, 03:56:52 AM »
I have a <£5000 credit card debt now with a debt collection agency (HFO). I pay £75.00 per month which I have been struggling with and can't afford to pay anymore.

I am a failing self employed person and I can't seem to find a job elsewhere even though I have been trying all hours of the day. I can't claim JSA due to the fact that my partner has £1000 income per month which is her money which is donated to her from her family for her university fees. (which I cant touch)

I also struggle with depression and have been prescribed anti depressants before in my life.

I can't believe the companies are so cruel in thier decisions and the way they deal with people

I managed to get them to agree to a payment plan but I have not worked so far this year, we are now in June and I have given them all of my savings, I can no longer buy food and rarely have one decent meal per day, often going hungry. They don't care.

I was so despereate to pay this debt make good my credit rating, but now they say if I don't pay they will start the interest again and my credit ratig will be affected once more. Which makes my last 6 months paymenst a waste of time and money.

I have:

Contacted them to say i can not afford to pay the amount they are asking for.

Created an income and expenditure sheet so that they can see that my expenses greatly exceed my income. 

Offered to pay a token payment until I sort out my current circumstances. 

All have failed, they have told me that if I can't make the payments they will start the interest rolling again.

I dont know what to do with my next final question going to be " If I die will the debt be passed on to family members and loved ones or is it wiped out for ever". But I am trying my hardest and they dont give a damn.

Thanks fr any advice anyone can give me.