Author Topic: ADVICE WHILE ON A DEBT MANAGEMENT PLAN  (Read 1403 times)


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« on: May 13, 2009, 05:17:10 PM »
Hi guys,

Iv'e been on a DMP for the last year, all is going well so far.

I have just got married, my partner doesn't work and is now living with me.

I've not told my DMp yet, was planning on doing that this week, whats the situation with me having a wife with regards to my debt,

Would she be liable for my debt?

And what about my plan itself, as she does not work and we have a baby on the way, should i be talking to them about reducing the amount i pay every month, as its getting much harder now i'm feeding an extra person and with a baby on the way i'm not sure what to do.

She gets no benifits or Jobseekers, she can not get jobseekers as she has not made enough Nat Insur class 1 contributions in the last 2 years, she was a student but still worked a fair amount of hours every week,

So its just my wage the now, we are getting by just now, but worried when the baby arrives.

And when my wife gets a job, will they take her full wage into consideration when doing my plan? ie if she made £15k a year, that would get lumped into our money, does she has to disclose how much she earns and pays out etc?

Any advice would be great