Author Topic: Help me please bankrutcy petition recieved  (Read 1794 times)


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Help me please bankrutcy petition recieved
« on: Feb 20, 2009, 07:32:15 PM »
Hi all, any advise would be very much welcome.

My story:

I was offered a credit card over the phone by my bank several years ago, I was at that point a bad debtor and had defaulted on 2 bank loans from previous bank, and had defaulted on 2 credit cards for the sum of £30,000. I had a good relationship with my current bank and guess that is why they offered me the card. At the time it was offered I stated to the person from my bank that I would not get approval from 3rd parties regarding my credit rating, I was told that they would not credit score me as I was earning good wages and my bank account was in good order. Being the sucker that I am I was happy with the offer and the credit limit of £5000. Needless to say I spent the £5000 and never paid back the sum to the bank. Well I guess you knew that was coming. I received several demands from the bank and then finally a default notice. Eventually I received a letter from my bank stating that they had sold my debt on to  a third party and that any contact must now be made to them. I remember some correspondence a few years back but am unsure as to the nature. As time passed I heard no more until a few weeks ago i received a letter in the post stating that a solicitor representing the company I owe the money to would be calling on such a date to issue a petition for bankruptcy. The solicitor never came, I would not have opened the door anyway. I received another letter from them a few days later stating they would ask the court to allow a letter box serving of petition. After a few weeks had passed a petition for bankruptcy came through my letter box would a court date. My question is should I go to the hearing, If so do I have any grounds for a case not to pay, as I was a bad debtor and should not have been offered the card in the first place and feel that it was irresponsible of my bank not to credit check me in the first place.
Sorry there is a lot in this post to chew over but i have tried to cover the whole story.

Any help in this matter would be much appreciated .

Thanks in advance