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Dont know what to do
« on: Feb 20, 2009, 06:38:48 PM »
Hi everyone,
              Have just given my house keys back to the mortgage company after a long drawn out process where the secure loan company started taking me to court for reposession and stopped after they realised they wouldn't get their money and the mortgage company have started proceedings. Dont want to wait as want to get bankcruptcy started asap as keep getting taken to county court for various debts. I have rented a house from someone I know who didn't ask for a deposit (which I didn't have) but give me a five year contract. Unfortunatly this was originally for two of us and both names are still on the contract. However they do not live there but am struggling to get them to take their name off the contract as they are worried about where they will live if something goes wrong as they are in debt too(long story). I have been paying the full £700pcm and can prove this through the bank but the house is quite big and wonder:

If an official reciever would make me move to a cheaper smaller property if I could get the other person to take their name off the contract (although I dont have any deposit for this).

If an official reciever Would query the fact that there are two people on the rental contract and only allow me half of this and the bills each month leaving me to try unsuccessfully to chase the other person leaving me effectively homeless as I couldn't cover the rent.

It all feels really messy on top of endless fears about what might happen to me in this process ahhhh. Does anyone have any advice about any of this?