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Telephone calls from creditor.
« on: Jan 19, 2009, 04:53:32 PM »
could somone give some advice on receiving continued pressurised calls from our credit card company.We are two months in arrears on our credit card and started to receive calls about this just before Christmas.The credit card is in my husbands name but I have an additional card. My husband has been off work sick for a long period of time and we are therefore struggling to meet the payments. I have had several conversations where they call and ask to speak with my husband. He is not well enough to speak with them on the phone as he is taking various medication at the moment.I put all this in writing to them explaining that he was sick and I have also completed expenditure and income details and have sent this to them.I have asked them to accept lower payments and to freeze interest charges etc. I myself am really struggling with all this as my mother is very ill in hospital and my son also has problems and is been seen by the local child mental health team and is home from school quite a lot.I have tried to explain this to them, and have asked them to stop ringing and presurrising me to make payments, but I now realize that they take no notice of anything I am writing to themI then received another phone call they said I had written to them and made arrangements to pay £160 per month, I have not done this and was quite angry, why would they say this?This is actually the normal monthly payment anyway?  I said I have not made any offer to you at this stage Im not cracking up. The caller them accused me of using abusive language?She said she would no longer help me? I told her I was finishing the conversation and that because of this inaccuracy I wished to continue this in writing from now on. I then wrote a letter to them about the call and asking them to [** sorry, no personal contact invitations allowed **] in writing from then onwards, as I did not want to have these sorts of upsetting conversations. To date I have had no reply and 2 phone calls which I have not answered.Could someone advice if I have a right to ask not to be contacted by phone anymore? would be very gratefull for any advice as beginning to dread answering the phone.


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Re: Telephone calls from creditor.
« Reply #1 on: Jan 31, 2009, 02:31:27 PM »
Probably the most terrifying thought that these phonecalls cause is the idea that you are one of their top priorities and their whole staff is right there and then preparing bailiff/eviction papers against you. I thought this, and nearly went mad from manic depression and panic attacks.
But, one call to a debt charity made me realise that creditors telephone thousands of debtors a day and read exactly the same script from their pc screen, with what to stay to to debtor's usual replies. They often sound emotional and angry. This frightened me, thinking they were about to send the ballifs round right away; but they actually get aggressive because they never know when they are being listened to by their team leader and want to make an impression on them; they are mostly junior staff and temps who couldn't care less about you debt personally. They have targets of debt to recover, just like when you work in sales, there is a huge board on the office wall with that day's top and bottom performing sales staff; they are just the same.

Go to CCC'S website and phone and email them. They are free. When I did, in a state of terror, with £70k worth of debt, no job, and thinking baliffs would be going to my parents house, it just took one calm reassuring voice to make me realise that these phonecalls and their letters were templates and not written with just me in mind. CCCS gave me a client number, and even sent me standard letters to send to all my creditors, offering a token payment of £1 per month. If you are working, however, they do it for you; they contact the creditors for you and you don't have to do anything. If these creditors ever call or harass you again you just hang up and call the CCCS; but this rarely happens after the CCCS have taken it off your hands. They just go through them.