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Keeping with the Information Culture dominated mainly by the multidimensional involvement of the Internet, the Mentouri Constantine University is home to this space odyssey.
If perhaps the updated presentation of its website, rich in themes and more provided in sections, offers all Algerian and universal Internet surfers an active relay where exchange relations develop for the benefit for knowledge, communication and communication. partnership in whose basic environment is the vast sphere of higher education and scientific research.
The interface of this new version, presents a great richness on the university and the surroundings in which it is put, and also ergonomics and the user-friendliness of the parts composing the various webpages of this Website; it also offers graphical and interactive interfaces allowing communication between Internet users and the universe of the university. It also stretches to information linking the university and its clinical and social partners.
On top of that, we also want to make the production of Scientific and Technical Data one of the major missions of your university, a mission that is part of its dynamism and its educational and research activities.
Finally, this contributions will have the advantage of engaging our organization to participate actively at the same time of dialogue and knowledge sharing.