Author Topic: IPA payment out of expired agreement request by Clarke Willmott (Advantis Credit  (Read 3531 times)


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I was declared bankrupt in November 2018 and the certificate of discharge obtained one year later with no restrictions.
I had an Income Payment Agreement (IPA) instalment plan for the remaining tax year months of Jan/Feb/March 2019. IPA payments were made in full on time due to the NT code applied.
When the NT code was applied to my wage slips a full tax year refund was paid into my bank account.
I queried this at the time with the IPA team at Clarke Willmott acting for the Official Receiver. My main concerns were that HMRC would request this payment back and thus I would end up paying twice. They were unable to clarify or advise me the amount HMRC had refunded to me. This reply was received in March 2019 and no further correspondence until today, 18 months later.
No changes were made to my IPA under The Insolvency (England & Wales) Rule 2016 – 10.117 Variation of IPA under section 310A(6)b and now my IPA has expired.
The OR has now made changes to the bankruptcy IPA payments company, a new debt collection agency named Advantis Credit Ltd.
My question is can the debt collection agency’s legally force me to pay now I’m released from Bankruptcy and my IPA has finished?
Any advice or suggestions will be taken on board and I will keep the Forum updated on the outcome.
Many Thanks


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