Author Topic: Letter Solicitor about ground rent debt  (Read 1547 times)


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Letter Solicitor about ground rent debt
« on: Aug 18, 2019, 04:13:42 PM »

I have missed a payment for my ground rent and maintenance fees. I own the actual flat. The debt is about two months old, and now I have a letter from their Solicitor stating if not paid in full in 7 days it will go to court. Plus they will add further charges.

The amount at the moment is about £800. I have emailed the Solicitor, and asked will it be okay to pay £200 on the 5th September, and the remaining balance two weeks later. I work full time. I sent the email last night so still awaiting to hear from them. What will happen now if they say no, and it goes to court but by then I have the money to pay it. What would the court fees be?

I also have other debts that are set up and being dealt with but with me owning my property I cannot go bankrupt. The debts are about twenty thousand.

Thank You