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Wifes Debt
« on: Oct 04, 2018, 12:33:36 AM »
I have just found out that my wife has run up some credit card debt. The total she has owned up to is approx. £12k  This is not the 1st time and on previous occasions I have paid the debts off.
She has no way off paying this debt off.  She has a small income of £70/week. There are good reasons why she cannot get a better paid job. We live in rented accommodation and we both have little of any value. I have some savings but refuse to see my hard earned cash disappear. I presume the Card companies cannot force me into payment or take away anything that I have purchased.  She has made an IVA of £120/month to one company (£10k of debt) She now contributes zero to the household. What do you suggest? my worry is she has more.


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Re: Wifes Debt
« Reply #1 on: Dec 10, 2018, 06:56:37 PM »
Hi, you cannot be pursued for her debt as long as it is in her sole name. An IVA is normally set up to repay multiple creditors. Have you seen the paperwork for this IVA? If she has ran up this large debt on 1 card, there is very probably more debt if she has other ways of obtaining credit. I think you need to find out whether there's more debt or not. Do you live in England? The law is different there from Scotland. In England they can take Court action and send baillifs round to attach household goods. Saying the goods are yours may not be enough to stop them, you need receipts as proof they belong to you. If you do get threatened with Court action, move anything of value such as cars/TVs/jewellery/laptops/tools etc they could seize to another address.