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Hi All,

To cut a long story short, i brought a car over 5 years and had a slight financial problem and i couldnt pay for a month or 2, I contacted the company and informed them and set up a direct debit every month. This was a few years back, recently, my girlfriend and I had worked out that we had just made our last payment, so i stopped this in the bank. I wrote to the company asking if we still owed money and if so how much or if it was paid, please could they let us know. I didnt hear anything despite sending another letter. Then last week (about 5 months after i had written to ask), i have a letter from a company called Link telling me i have a county court date this week, it has a 'witness statement' which is basically the agreement i signed when i brought the car. I called Link and was spoken to like a child, telling me i have about 2 days to pay £600 or it will go to court. Does anyone know what i can expect as i cannot pay £600 in one go, I have no problem with paying for the car as thats the reason i got one in the first place. Its a simple misunderstanding over last payment or something as either way i didnt hear anything from Link until the court letter the other day. Why would i want to almost buy a car and stop paying for it when i have nearly paid it off.

Im sorry if i seem a little all over the place, please let me know if anyone has any idea of what to expect or if i need to give any more info.

Thanks alot for taking time to read this,
Paul (aka: Mr Worried)


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Hi Paul

If you have a county court date then the creditor (Link) is trying to have a CCJ (County court judgement) placed against you before this can be issued you should have received a leter ionforming of court action and asking you to arrange payment terms with the creditor.

The paperwork you receive should have a form to fill in which you then send back to the courts with your plan to re-pay the debt in monthly/weekly installments etc this would then go to a judge who would decide if this proposal is acceptable or not if accepted then Link are duty bound to oblige with that.

if you do go to court explain the situation and that you do want to pay for the car and wish to arrange a re-payment term

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