Author Topic: Unwanted charges imposed by Fedex  (Read 11043 times)


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Unwanted charges imposed by Fedex
« on: Jun 16, 2016, 01:57:19 AM »
I recently purchased a 3D printer direct from China for £153 and the seller dispatched it using Fedex. A week after the printer arrived i received an Invoice for £53.60 The invoice broken down was 20% VAT and an admin charge of £23. The vendor claimed that import was paid, but it wasnt. Now i have no objections to paying the VAT but i strongly object to paying this admin charge for 2 reasons. One the charge seems excessively high when the box wasnt even opened, and two, never at any time did i instruct Fedex to handle this shipment, the seller in China did, i am not their client, the vendor was.

I contacted Fedex and said i would pay the VAT only, £30.60 in full and final settlement, but not their admin fee. Since then, despite telling Fedex not to phone me, [** sorry, no personal contact invitations allowed **] by letter, they have phoned me 6 times, and their tactics leave a lot to be desired.

Am i liable to pay this charge?

Lisa Thomas

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Re: Unwanted charges imposed by Fedex
« Reply #1 on: Jun 16, 2016, 04:58:18 PM »
Who was the invoice from?

Are you sure there were no terms in your documents with the seller than meant you were liable for these charges?

On the face of it, it ould seem that the seller is liable to Fedex for this bill but I think I vaguely remember a similar query before and the end customer was actually liable.

It will all rest on the terms you have with the seller.  I would notify Fedex in writing that the debt is the sellers and copy the seller in. 01752 786800