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Personal and Business Rate Debt or Disputes
« on: Apr 18, 2016, 12:51:30 PM »
Business Rate Advisors Ltd provides business rate and debt help when you need it most. Our unique business rate and debt experience in dealing with council bailiffs from most councils nationwide.

We also understand business rate and personal debt can cause stress so we do our best to alleviate those feelings and put you back on track again. We can help you with personal debt and business rate debt if you run a Pub, Club, Bar, Restaurant, Retail block, office,shop rental, Golf Clubs, Studios and many other types of business rate paying premises.

It does not matter what stage bailiff enforcement has reached as our business rate and personal debt help specialists can assist you at any stage, stage 1 enforcement (letter) , stage 2 (Levying goods), stage three (removal of goods). 
A last minute intervention can change the outcome of enforcement action.
We have proven time and time again. Personal and Business rate debt help is available!
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