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defaulted on ccj
« on: Jan 24, 2016, 03:22:46 PM »
 Hi, im new here and desperately needing some advice.
I have a ccj against me where I was supposed to pay £1 per month.
I get confused really easily and forgot I had another debt I was also paying at £1 per month. After 8months and after sorting out some old paperwork I realized that the debt I was paying via direct debit was not the ccj. I promptly paid £8 I owed via the creditors online system and tried to contact them. As its sunday (despite being advertised on their website as being open) theyre closed. Im worried sick and not sure what will happen.
Im currently unemployed and cant pay the total debt off but also sick to my stomach that bailiffs will turn up on my doorstep.
What I dont understand is why the creditor hasnt sent any correspondence since.
 Any advice gratefully recieved.