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Tax based debt
« on: Dec 15, 2015, 07:51:40 PM »
Hi all, 

To cut a long story short I am being pursued by a debt collection company regarding an unpaid fine on a self assessment.

It is from a tax year 2010-11. I believed the information given by HMRC was incorrect due to an old work place continuing to pay me  after I'd left and this would affect my earnings of that year. I contacted HMRC and that company and arranged evidence to be sent.

I stupidly (/misinformed by friends) believed this would be the end of it. I've never been self employed so didn't think I'd still have to complete a self assessment.

My question is this, what options do I have now? The debt sits at around 3 months wages so I will be unable to clear it in under 8 months. I've read that they won't accept payments this low. I'm starting to get rather stressed and annoyed at my own stupidity at letting this matter go so far.

Any help on issues like this appreciated.