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How do i respond ?
« on: Nov 12, 2014, 11:01:08 AM »
I have recently received a court letter saying I owe 200 odd pound to a company that as far as I am aware I have never borrowed off ? It has given me 3 options; admit all the debt, admit part of the debt or to admit none of it. do I admit none of it ? The issues I have is that I do have a lot of old debt so it could well be that a card I had or something was actually owned by another company ? but as far as I know I genuinely havnt had anything of them directly.
It also went to my Mums house, meaning the debt is over 6 years old - would this mean it would be classed as statute barred ?
Any help you can give me regarding this would be really appreciated as at the moment I have no idea how to respond to it.
I think eventually I will need to go bankrupt to get rid of these old debts ( the majority around 8 years old ) but I need to first get the funds to pay for it.
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Re: How do i respond ?
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We have bigger houses and smaller families