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advice regarding bankruptcy
« on: Aug 17, 2014, 05:11:52 PM »
Hi there[/font]
I was made bankrupt in july 2012 due to mental health issues I did not c0-operate with the liquidators and I just buried my head due to my health issues, anyway to cut a long story short my husband bought my equity in our house and paid £32,000.00 to KPMG to settle my debts, this money was paid to them in march this year, and I am still receiving letters regarding debt, I rang one of the people that I owed money to and informed then of my bankruptcy, and they just checked the insolvency register and then wrote off the debt, I have another debt which is for a social fund loan from a few years ago of £500, and they are asking me to pay £19.50 a week out of my ESA. Is this debt that I have to pay back or can I just inform them of my bankruptcy. Also how long does it take before they sort out my financial affairs as they hve had my money since march pls advise asap[/font]

alastair swanwick

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Re: advice regarding bankruptcy
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yes, declare bankruptcy if you must