Author Topic: Unsecured debts (bank and card) - 2 years later. Please help.  (Read 5116 times)


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I am writing to you for advise and help as I am in a really stressful position and am not sure how best to proceed.

Two years ago I left the UK leaving behind two debts - a Barclay's Graduate addition (3150) and a Barclay Card (250),
prior to this having been unemployed for two years in the UK, in spite of attaining an MBA (where all my savings effectively went),
- so if you are thinking about investing in qualifications make sure you take them at top-tier institutions.

The reason, why I abandoned the UK to try and find opportunities elsewhere was essentially triggered by stress relating to additional
penalties and charges - actually in probability I probably paid during these two years the value of debts - but what took the
biscuit for me was where (for first time in 6 years) I missed a payment date on Barclay card due to death of family member,
I spoke to them online and the rep I spoke to said they would put a note and not charge me if I cleared the balance, which I did, only to
have in statement additional fees and penalties levied, having eaten into living budget to pay this off, I was quite desperate, couldnt make rent payments
and left UK (alternative being homeless).

Whil I had every intention of paying back and dealing with these balances, this was simply something I was unable to do - now my partner
has decided that she wants to move to the UK, which fills me with dread - as am sure that these sums of debt have been inflated profusely with charges
interest and/or there may be baliffs or debt collectors looking to address these debts.

I am now aware of the possibility of DRO, though am not sure how this might apply to debts already accrued and CCJs, obviously she doe not know about this situation
and I am extremely keen to find a way that it will not impact her (I have heard of baliffs raiding and taking goods from shared accommodation). On return to the UK
I will be registering for the job seekers allowance, have no assets of significance, which is why I think I meet the DRO criteria, but the major concern is whether or not
the debts I have are actually not locked as CCJs. Also as my profession is 'consulting' would a laptop be considered to be a possession essential to enable work and search for
or could it be taken ?

As I do ot have a valid credit card I am unable to access my credit report to find out which firm(s) might hold my debt, though am not
really sure whether there is much point to contacting them as my circumstances would currently allow token gesture payment, and am looking to DRO or Bankrupcy
as my only realistic option to contain a situation before it can become more unpleasant. I have to date been very careful to avoid usage of NI number or anything which
would give a tracible address, when we come to the UK we will be staying in a short-stay apartment registered to my partner.

If I am able to attain employment then, I would be happy to pay off the original debt, but am not looking to pay trumped up/and or inflated charges relating to. Please help me.