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Steve 1964

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Official receiver
« on: Jun 05, 2014, 04:48:48 PM »
I am about to go bankrupt, I have no assets and I am currently unemployed, I am concerned about what the official receiver will look at, how far back do they look with reference to my bank account and what amount of detail will they go into? I have not been involved in anything illegal or fraudulent but since 2004 so much has happened in my life I think I would struggle explaining where every bit of money has come from that I put in the bank, I was in business for myself and went through a lot of turbulence when it collapsed. I need to go bankrupt to make a fresh start but I am worried I may end up in more hot water not less. I was hoping there may be a few people on here that could help me with my concerns and guide me as to what to expect.

Richard Stockburn

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Re: Official receiver
« Reply #1 on: Sep 30, 2014, 04:52:14 PM »
Hi Steve

You are only obliged to give details of any account held in the last two years, though the Official Receiver will be aware of any other accounts as they search your credit file. I wouldn't be too concerned about this as you are unemployed and vulnerable. In most cases, people don't even see a judge on the day they go to court and the Official Receiver will have a 30-40 minute telephone interview with you, but will not ask to see you in person. The only time the OR really gets in a twist is if there is a clear audit trail leading to Casinos and Bookmakers, otherwise I wouldn't expect any trouble at all.

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