Author Topic: student grant overpayment. passed to third party with no contact for 2.5 years  (Read 3612 times)


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Hi there. I got a letter today saying student loan company are passing a debt to a third party agency. It's for a grant and they have apparently sent me warnings to pay. I've had no such thing. I havent changed address. I rang them right away and they wouldnt help but did advise last letter was sent September 2011. Seems a bit unfair to do this as I never had the letter and theyve made no effort to [** sorry, no personal contact invitations allowed **] on a reasonable time frame before sending to a third party. What are my options? Can they do this? Ok saving up for a place of my own and I can't afford to pay this pm top of all my other bills and the soon to be rent/council tax/gas ect that I will soon be paying.