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I took a 25% cut in my salary (personal circumstances which I'd like to talk about but it just becomes a different matter but ends up relating to my position)and didn't realise I'd be in such a mess.I contacted all my creditors to tell them of my situation and all I was told was to go to a DMP,they wouldn't help.i contacted one with a good rep and like you all know we end up writing our life's worth on forums.i am currently paying a third of what I was but I pay £100 a month for the DMP to run.The other matter I can't discuss made me ill and I started with anxiety,depression the usual side effects of debt.The whole purpose of me trying to consolidate etc was that I live next to the neighbour from hell (here we go)this guy is wrecking my marriage,my job,my life but now I'm in a situation where I can't move cause of my situation although I pay my mortgage on time,every time.I just don't know what to do I still earn a decent amount of money I pay my debts which my creditors seem happy with but I'm bombarded with defaults all from my DMP.I even had an offer for my house but had to turn it down due to not been able to get a different mortgage plus I'm on a standard variable so I can't port it.any help,advice,donations(lol) will be much appreciated.

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how much is the debt ?