Author Topic: Petition to stop DCAs buying your data for unsecured debt at pence in the pound  (Read 649 times)


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On the official GOVT. E-Petitions site if you search "STOP DEBT PURCHASING COMPANIES......" you should find the relevant petition...if any ADMIN wants to post the link (as I am unable due to being new on forum) be much appreciated :)

Petition to try to get the GOVT. to look into changing the Law, where DCAs/Debt Purchasing companies pay pence in the pound for YOUR data, from terminated credit agreements with banks and credit card companies and using Statutory Demands/Bankruptcy process to potentially take people's homes, where originally the debts were unsecured, but not only that, these companies harass, make people ill, so they can make vast profits and the legal system allows this to happen. Remember the banks and credit card companies 'write off' their losses, claim Tax Relief and/or Insurance, yet YOU get chased for the whole original outstanding balance and more (where applicable).

Petition requires 100,000 genuine, true and full sets of details from signatories to potentially be heard by the GOVT. so please share every possible place you can! This is a long shot, been tried before, but there is something very wrong with the system.

Slightly unrelated but for example, a retailer would NOT be allowed to bin goods, claim tax rebate and then sell the items again, full price or otherwise.

The fact an old loophole allows bullying debt purchasers to make people ill, when they already couldn't pay their original debt, but suddenly faced with lump sums demanded, people banging at the door, bombarded with phone calls, letters etc...harassment! That these companies flout all the rules and regs. that say BANKRUPTCY should NOT be used for chasing debts, yet that little threshold of £750 puts many at risk of losing their home....WRONG!