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Advise on Credit rating agencies
« on: Nov 07, 2013, 05:27:47 PM »
Dear all
I am looking for a good credit rating agency where I can pick up all the bankruptcy information about my clients in one place. The reason why we are asking this question is because we claim tax refunds for our clients and we recover our fees from their refunds. Therefore, if a client has been made bankrupt and they have not made us aware of this, we may not be able to recover our fees from the refund.
In the past we have been using the insolvency register, however the information is only retained for around 15 months (12 months of the bankruptcy and 3 months after that). The problem with this website is that if we are completing tax returns for previous years, the information will not be available in the insolvency register.
We have been ringing the Official Receivers, however, the information that they provide us with has been inconsistent. The other issue with the Official Receivers is that we have to ring different numbers for England/Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Therefore, this can be time consuming.
I want to try out other credit search websites and after carrying out some research I have found the following:
Has anyone used the websites listed above? If yes, which ones have you found the most cost effective and efficient? I understand from research that Experian & Equifax are big players but their costs per search are relatively high . I will be most obliged to hear the experiences and views of other users.