Author Topic: Can i be refused being actively bankrupt from moving in with an existing tenant  (Read 1100 times)


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I was made bankrupt last month and I'm concerned about my future living arrangements. My current tenancy ends at the end of June and my ex partner has offered me and our 2 children a lifeline to move in at his property which he is due to be living in, in a weeks time.  What concerns me is being honest about the situation he has told the estate agent there is a possibility we may come back together. She said everyone who lives in the property needs to be credit checked. I dont want to be a named tenant and am wondering if this is just a money making scheme for the estate agent.  If i have to do this credit check can they refuse for me and my children to move into the property based upon me being actively bankrupt? My ex partner earns more than enough to cover the rent etc alone so would this be an issue.
If anyone has been through anything similar would you be able to advise me. I'm not trying to hide anything, Ive had a year from hell with family bereavements, having to give up a 10 year job due to no childcare and not being able to afford the costs of childcare so longing for  a fresh start. Also could the official receiver have a claim on my ex partners salary due to my bankruptcy? We aren't and have never been married
Thanks in advance x

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Hi lisaloo200
Firstly if it is your ex who is going to be paying the rent and the bills at the property then I see no reason at all why the letting agency have to credit check you as well. There is no reason why your ex partner cannot take the tenancy in his name alone but acknowledge that you will be living there as well.
Secondly, the official receiver will never have any claim on any third party's salary whether you are living with them or not so you have nothing to worry about there.
Good luck with your bankruptcy and if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask.
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