Author Topic: I left my ex filed for bankruptcy now they arnt paying the mortgage in full.  (Read 1725 times)


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 :(  My ex financially abused me to the point I had to file for bankruptcy. we had a mortgage but I was in fear for my safty so I packed up and left. they have since moved on got married and have a family living in the house. I keep getting statements for my mortgage company even though I sold my interst the trustee befor I was discharged in 2009.

I have moved on all my bills since bankruptcy have been paid but I got an experion report and there late payments have all gone on my report.

What can I do to get rid of this person once and for all. I don't want nor am I entitled ( i dont think )to money from the house.

I've moved on and want to get a mortgage myself. please please can somone advise me.

James Falla

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Hello butterfingers
I am not quite sure what is happening here. Are you saying that the mortgage on the property is not being paid? If this is the case you should contact the mortgage company and encourage them to repossess the property. Once this happens any shortfall will simply be included in your bankruptcy (even though you are now discharged) because the mortgage was already in existence when you were bankrupt - we call it a contingent debt. After this you can receive no further bills or records on your credit file.
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