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HI guyz, here my problem i hope someone could give me ideas of what to

I came into this country bout 5years ago to study and gain experience, i recently finished my university with good grades but the problem is i messed up my visa renewal and i was rejected because of a mere £40 dip in my maintenace fees.

I have some outstanding overdraft from my uni days and some other debts i woud like to clear, i currently have a plan set up but it will take me a year atleast to clear them all up.

The problem i have is my ongoing dispute with UKBA and there are chances i may be asked to leave the UK anytime soon if my appeal doesnt go to well, What do i do in these circumstances? I dont want to leave debts that will hinder me in the future when i come back to the uk.

I havn't spoken to any of my debtors as i fear they will ask me to provide money i dont have at the moment. what do i do ?

Re: Ex student, Want to clear debt before leaving the country but
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Do not despair

Can you get hold of a lump sum of money. Even if it is only 30% of the outstanding balances?

You will probably be able to negotiate a short settlement.

If you are not planning to come back to the UK for 6 years the debt will become stat barred after which they cannot pursue you.
you must not even speak to them or make a payment in that time.

The other option is to employ a debt settlement company to manage your payments you make from abroad, and/or short settle your debts when they have saved up enough of your money.

Good Luck

Mark Le Roux
Tempest Financial Services