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Baliff Visit
« on: Dec 09, 2012, 03:47:08 PM »
Hi i am looking for some advice. I had been issued a ccj for unpaid nursery fees that i had been in dispute with. long story cut short i was issued the ccj and i have not paid it and i had a court baliff turn up on friday and have been issued a walking posession etc.

Now the issues i have are:

* The baliff wants a down payment of around a £1000-£1500 then they will agree to installment plan, they have given me 5 days to write to them. There is no way i can afford this lump sum. So what do i say to them in the letter?
* I have seen online that i should submit an application to courts think its N245 form so the court can decide how much to pay, i can do this first thing monday but that only then leaves me 2 days before the baliffs can technically come back. Do i need to advise baliffs i have put this application in?
* This is my main concern i have my own ltd company only a very small company i am an employee of it and i take home a salary of £475 a month some months i dont even manage that i am only 6 months old. The baliff itemed my laptop on inventory but i said it was a work laptop which it is, was brought through company etc .. now i have not told the baliffs i own my own company in fear they will turn up there and take equipment. So can they do this? I owe the debt not my company?
* So if i write a letter to baliffs as a statutory declaration that this item is the companies i will need to sign it my name and they will click that its me writing the letter wont they? I also had a couple of other item they listed which are the businesses but i didnt say anything just let them mark it up.

I am really worried, the baliff told me i had to let him in as he is a court baliff so i did ( i was aware that non court baliffs cant come in) so i let him in and now obv he can come back as ive let him in once, i have two very small children who were scared when he was here very big blunt horrid man.

Does anyone have any advice what to do next? or can answer my above issues.