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Student and Bankruptcy
« on: Nov 26, 2012, 08:21:36 PM »
I everyone need advice on bankruptcy asap. I had my own business for many years which went under, in result I wracked up a load of personal debts. I lost my house also, which they sold and I owe the mortgage company a balance of 59k. My other debts total about 6k.

I now live in a rented house, I have 3 children and a wife to support. I have a car which is worth hardly nothing. I have 0 disposable income.

I feel like I have nothing to loose if I go bankrupt, but I am so afraid of it because when I leave university in 4 years, I want to work for the police force, or government, and usually they don't employ if you have been bankrupt. Anyone have experience with this?

Also I would prefer to have a debt relief order, but with my mortgage balance its way over 15k, could I put my other debts on relief order, and see If i can sort something else out with mortgage company.

One last question! I have grants from University for equipment (Which I bought computer and laptop with), will they take my grants off me?

Many thanks in advanced.